Kelley V-Seal® VS Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad

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 Kelley V-Seal VS Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad

Kelley V-Seal® VS Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad

Experience great sealing effectiveness — even if your trailer is docked off-center. The patented V-Seal is the ideal dock seal for better trailer access. The head pad seals along the top edge of the trailer, while the side pads seal the hinge air gap and provide for better access to the back of the trailer. The V-Seal accommodates trailer widths of 8’6″.

Design Highlights

  • Standard Head Member Base Projection: 10″
  • Roll Formed, Galvanized Steel Side & Head Pad Backing
  • TS-55 Super Fabric WP3 Wear Pleats on Head Member
  • Side Pad Backing Width: 8″ (7-1/2″ Actual)
  • Available for Door Widths Up to 9′-0″
  • Seals Hinge Air Gap on Vehicles with Swing-out Doors & Provides Improved Trailer Access
  • Ultra Seal Side Pad Profiles Designed to Function Over 4″ to 6″ Bumper Protection
  • Increase unit width by 3″ for cold storage applications
  • Increase “Standard” Unit Height by 6″ When 14′ Trucks Are Present (Western States)